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1. Why do you choose wide plank flooring for decoration now?

The natural and unique texture of wood flooring in the current market creates a natural and warm texture. It is very important to choose the color of the wide plank flooring. The floor actually affects the decoration tone of a home. Good-looking wooden floor is to give the home a good-looking color. Choosing a suitable floor color will make us happy. 

The wide plank flooring is more beautiful and generous than the narrow one.  And the wide wooden floor China has a particularly atmospheric decoration effect, so it is suitable for large-scale decoration.

2. How to choose the wide plank flooring

How to choose the wide plank flooring has always been the highlight of the decoration. In fact, when you use the white washed wide plank flooring in a large area, you can choose the color of the furniture at will, no matter what color you choose, it will not appear obtrusive.

The light-colored wooden floor refers to floors with a relatively high color brightness. The decoration style is relatively fresh. Using light-colored wooden floors, the overall appearance is spacious and bright, mostly used in rural and modern simple decoration style. For better color matching, the furniture should also be mainly light-colored, such as white or classic wood floor.