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Specification of Quality 3-Layer Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Top layer

Hickory/Cumaru/Sapele/Oak/Teak/Ash/Maple/Merbau/Kayakuku/Iroko/American, Black Walnut/Taun/Snokeling/Acacia/Ipe/Jatoba/Black Lotus/Wenge










Features of Quality 3-Layer Engineered Wood Flooring

Joint SelectionBevel Selection

1. The durability of three-layer solid wood flooring is more prominent than that of multi-layer engineered flooring which needs more careful maintenance and care.

2. For maintenance, being aware that hybrid engineered wood flooring is very afraid of water and tide. This kind of wood material floor is prone to swelling and moldy when it meets with water. In order to extend the life of the floor, it is necessary to keep the floor dry as much as possible, and it is best to use special products when cleaning.

3. Plywood:We use plywood with high density, no layering, and no cracking, and each plywood is of the same wood species and the same natural color.

4. Eco Cold Press Glue: Adhesives that meet national environmental standards.

5. Veneers:High quality engineered hardwood flooring veneers according to the veneer grading standard.

Installation & Maintenance of 3-Layer Wide Engineered Hardwood Wood Flooring

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