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Why Do You Buy Timber Floorboards/Wooden Floor?

Why Do You Buy Timber Floorboards/Wooden Floor?

The wooden floor has the functions of sound absorption, sound insulation, lower sound pressure, shorten the reverberation time, and reduce the pollution of noise pollution. At the same time, the wooden floor is moderately hard, rough and slippery, and can play a buffering role, avoiding the danger of falls for the elderly and children. The natural texture and fragrant smell make people feel like they are in the forest and fully feel the breath of nature. The wooden floor can also release negative ions that are beneficial to the human body.

Can I Mix and Match Different Types of Timber Flooring?

For sure, a good way of creating harmony in your home is to choose floors that match but are optimal for each room. For example, you could choose plank flooring or herringbone flooring for the bedroom and parquet for the living room.

How to Choose Timber Flooring/Wooden Floorboards with Low Cost?

How to Choose Timber Flooring/Wooden Floorboards with Low Cost?

The biggest difference between hybrid engineered wood and solid Hardwood is that the former is made by interlacing different boards, generally 4-7 layers, the top and bottom are solid wood, and the waterproof and moisture resistance is a little better than pure solid wood. 

The surface layer of the three-layer solid wood floor is generally 3mm, 4mm, or even 6mm thick. Take our 300mm wide engineered oak flooring as an example, even if the floor is damaged after several years of use, such as paint peeling, scratching, etc., it can be polished and refurbished again. Most of the multi layer engineered flooring is between 0.6~1.8mm. Such a thickness will be damaged after many years of use. It cannot be polished and refurbished like three-layer solid wood flooring. Here are some tips:

  • Choose wood flooring construction

  • Choose wood flooring suitable for the decoration style of the house

  • The wood tone and durability of wooden floors 

  • Wood flooring Surface Finish

  • Wooden floor paving area

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Custom Wooden/Timber Flooring Design Services

Custom Wooden/Timber Flooring Design Services

We can offer custom timber flooring services according to your requirements, including size, pattern, thickness... Please click the button below for more custom details and costs of wooden floorboards!


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