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1. Look at environmental protection indicators of the multi layer engineered flooring

In the production process of the multi layer engineered flooringg products, adhesives containing formaldehyde may be used. If the content of harmful substances in this type of adhesive exceeds national standards, it will have an impact on human health. Therefore, when consumers buy multilayer solid wood composite flooring, It should look at the environmental protection indicators of the floor. Only when the formaldehyde emission of the selected multi layer engineered flooring reaches the national mandatory standard (≤1.5mg/L) can it be used with confidence.

2. Buy well-known brands for multi-layer composite flooring

When buying multi layer wood flooring, choose well-known brands with good reputation and quality assurance. Do not buy products without any assurance. Products with unclear packaging labels should be purchased with caution. Its pros and cons mainly depend on the raw materials, the willow core wooden floorboards price is higher than camphor and poplar core.

3. Pay attention to the stability of the multi layer engineered flooring and the performance of floor bonding

Good stability is the outstanding advantage of multi layer wood flooring, but improper control of moisture content or unscientific paving will also affect the stability of the product. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to the moisture content index and paving method of multi-layer solid wood composite flooring to ensure stability.

4. Pay attention to the performance parameters of floor paint

It is difficult to distinguish the quality of the multi layer engineered flooring products from the appearance. Only by understanding the inherent product technical parameters of multi-layer solid wood composite flooring can we truly buy high-quality products. The main technical parameters of the paint surface of the multilayer solid wood composite floor mainly include the adhesion of the floor paint film, the wear resistance of the paint surface, the paint surface treatment process (after how many paint processes), the paint film hardness, etc. When purchasing, you can ask the merchant in detail. After the multi-layer solid wood composite floor is worn out, it can be repainted and refurbished after being polished and removed while 3 layer engineered flooring requires pecial materials for maintenance, which is relatively troublesome.

5. See the effect of assembly of the multi layer engineered flooring

When purchasing multi-layer solid wood composite flooring, you should also look at the effect of assembly. Carefully observe whether the tongue-and-groove connection is tight and smooth. Whether the assembled multi-layer solid wood composite floor is loose, if the height is prominent and loose, it means that the product is unqualified.

6. When consumers buy the multi layer engineered flooring, they must follow the principle that who sells them should lay them"

As the saying goes, "three points for the floor, seven points for installation." Big brands generally have regular construction teams, good construction experience, and perfect paving specifications are important guarantees for multi-layer wooden floor paving. It is recommended that you must choose a brand that can guarantee installation and after-sales!