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1. Three points must be paid attention to when purchasing the large-size inlaid parquet

(1) Choose according to room area: large flooring for large apartment and small flooring for small apartment will reduce the loss rate. Floor size specifications need to be planned according to the size of each room.

(2) Strict requirements in the construction process: the arrangement of size during construction is very important.

(3) Regarding the service life of large-size solid hardwood flooring: it depends on the quality of the wood flooring and the appropriateness of the size.

2. Comparison of the size and thickness of solid hardwood flooring

(1) The thickness battle: 8 mm VS. 12 mm

Distributors who mainly promote 12mm said that thickened laminate flooring has the advantages of "longer service life, improved foot feel, and lower noise." The physical properties of base material of laminate inlaid parquet larger than 8 mm are greatly reduced. The reason for their main focus on 8mm is that 8mm has reached a new height in terms of technology and environmental protection requirements after years of product development and market beating. Simply put, the technology is relatively mature.

(2) Consumer voice: Reasonable price/performance ratio is the most important

The thickness of the solid hardwood flooring is not the main factor in deciding to buy real wood flooring. The environmental protection of the floor is the most concerned, because there are elderly and children at home, if the floor's formaldehyde emission is too large, it will inevitably have an adverse effect on their health.

(3) Association's attitude: products meeting the requirements are good

Regarding the current debate on the thickness of inlaid parquet, what is the attitude of the association in charge of the industry? The pure floor thickness dispute does not have much practical meaning, because the level of the floor quality is determined by multiple factors and indicators, and the thickness alone cannot reflect the quality of the floor.

3. Comparison of the size of solid hardwood flooring

(1) The general size of ordinary solid hardwood flooring is 12cm×90cm, and the size of large-size flooring can reach 14cm×180cm, and the area is 2.3 times that of ordinary wood flooring. It is understood that this kind of floor is generally made of common materials such as red sandalwood and purple sandalwood, abandoning the leftover materials, and the main part of the whole tree is used to highlight its high level, and its paving has an infinite sense of extension and space. The large floor in the living room will have a stronger sense of space, more style, and can well reflect the perfect combination of temperament and material, which is not messy.

(2) Some consumers blindly pursue large-size and large-size floors when buying inlaid parquet, thinking that large-size floors have fewer joints and are more beautiful. However, due to the larger the size of the floor, the greater the difference in internal and external tension and the degree of wet expansion and shrinkage. In contrast, large-size floors are more prone to deformation. Therefore, for the average family, the best size is less than 0.6 meters in length.