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Oak has a history of nearly a thousand years. There are different types of oak growing all over the world, and it is precisely because of the different origins that oak can be divided into different categories. Oak belongs to the genus Quercus, which is a genus of the family Fagaceae. There are 600 species in the genus Quercus, of which 450 are from the subgenus Quercus and 150 are from the subgenus Quercus glauca. The heart of the oak tree is yellowish brown to reddish brown, and the growth ring is obvious, slightly wavy, with natural clear texture. The wood is hard and durable, which is the production material of oak plank flooring, and it is deeply loved by everyone.

1. American oak plank flooring

American oak includes American red oak and North American white oak. The most well-known ones are the red oak engineered wood flooring and the white oak engineered wood flooring. It is widely used in the production of solid oak parquet flooring and furniture. Compared with other oaks, American red oak is hard and heavy. Its breaking strength is high and the earthquake resistance is great, and it is extremely resistant to abrasion. It is the best floor material for residential and commercial projects. The American textured oak floor is more rough and bold, and the color is more ruddy. When it is used in the home, people experience the retro feelings of the American manor and it adds a bit of enthusiasm and vitality to the home.

2. French oak plank flooring

The oak tree is a precious gift from God to France. In France, sustainable development of oak resources began 400 years ago, and only oak trees that are 150 years old can be felled. A glass of top wine is like a glass of magic water, and oak barrels are the source of this magic. Only oak barrels made of 20% of the oak trees of "fine selection" in the well-known oak production areas can give the top wines mesmerizing magic.

3. German oak plank flooring

Since the first Germanic tribe in the 2 to 3 centuries AD, oak has been with them in their lives and integrated into the blood of this nation. In Dudao Forest, there is an old oak tree that is more than six hundred years old, which is called "Oak Moon Lao". This tree is designed to deliver courtship letters to people and has already witnessed countless marriages. The German Army uses the Oak Leaf Medal as a symbol of honor, and it even appears on German coins. The tough and long-lasting quality of the oak tree has been revered by many Germans.

4. Ukrainian oak plank flooring

Different from the natural climate and environment of other major European oak producing areas, two-thirds of Ukraine's land area is covered by black soil. The fertile soil and rich mineral deposits have cultivated great materials for Ukrainian oak plank flooring with a rich texture, fresh and rich natural color of the logs, and orderly grains.