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1. See the color of the oak engineered floor

The sapwood of red oak flooring is generally white or light brown, and the heartwood is pink-brown, while the sapwood of white oak flooring is light-colored, and the heartwood is a transitional color from light brown to dark brown. Therefore, they still have a certain difference in color. We can distinguish them by the color of samples of oak engineered floor when purchasing.

2. See at the cross section of the oak engineered floor

If you observe the annual rings of oak under a magnifying glass, you will find that there are a lot of capillary pores of cell. The section capillary pores of the red oak flooring are all empty, while the section capillary pores of the white oak flooring are filled with impregnation. The difference allows us to easily distinguish between red oak and white oak flooring.

3. See the pith radials of the oak engineered floor

If it is a natural red oak floor, the pith radials are generally short, while the pith radials of a white oak flooring are much longer than those of a red oak flooring. This can also be used to make a simple distinction.

There are various types of the oak engineered floor in the Duramagicfloor, welcome to buy real wood flooring from us.

The above is the related introduction of white oak flooring and red oak flooring. You can choose the right oak engineered floor according to your needs!