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Made To Order In Duramagicfloor

Our wood flooring types include parquet flooring, chevron parquet flooring, and herringbone parquet flooring.

Our manufacturing capacity and material inventory can meet customers' small or large-volume product orders.


You bring your idea, we bring wood floorings.

  • Top Veneer Of Rare Wood
    Top Veneer Of Rare Wood

    The surface piece of the engineered wood plank is constructed from a veneer of rare solid wood. Our expert quality selection ensure that customers on the veneer of the natural color and natural texture demand.

  • Stable Wood Flooring Structure
    Stable Wood Flooring Structure

    The interior makeup of the engineered wood flooring gives the product it's stability because it is constructed of 3-12+ cross-hatched layers of plywood that is pressed and glued together.

  • High-Quality Plywood
    High-Quality Plywood

    We use plywood with high density, no layering, and no cracking, and each plywood is of the same wood species and the same natural color.

  • Top Surface Process
    Top Surface Process

    Usually the wooden floor surface layer is decorated with a single color and plane, our surface decoration team has developed stereoscopic decoration, more high-grade than a plane, beautiful and generous.

  • Top Surface Color
    Top Surface Color

    Our professional paint blending experts have many years of rich experience in color blending so that your customers can get the best color effect.

  • Different Material Combinations
    Different Material Combinations

    Laser-cut wood veneer will be in the square collage complete pattern. Finally, other materials such as shells are embedded in the reserved position. This combination of materials will set you apart from other brands.

Wood Floor Cutting Profile Equipment

  • CNC Parquet Flooring T&G
    CNC Parquet Flooring T&G
  • Laser Machine Cutting Parquet Flooring
    Laser Machine Cutting Parquet Flooring
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